Happy Thursday! @realdonaldtrump pulls his best #OJSimpson “If I Did It”, says would take assistance from foreign adversaries to win election. Some @gop push back…but enough?

@joebiden sticks finger in face of birddogger asking about abortion. K.C. Cayo joins us at 3:30 to share her experience with the @dnc front runner.

Also, Kelly Ann Conway should be fired according to watchdog group, @secpompeo says #iran bombed oil tankers, offers no proof.

Legal cannabis in #colorado generated more than $1billion in state revenue, there is roundup in cereal, and FoxCONn still making promises.

And Maggie Daun, Daun of the Resistance joins me in the happy hour! All that, and more, plus your calls/texts at 844-967-2789!