Happy Friday! Guests today Brian Seamonson #thehemphouse at 4:00, Patrick @pnrodenbush from @demsredistrict at 4:30, and Brandi Grayson at 5:30!

We (continue) to wait for the @realdonaldtrump #muellerreport. Should we #lockherup Ivanka and Jared using personal emails for govt biz?

James Comey fears a coup if Trump impeached? wtf? If the facts are there, let the chips fall where they may!

Also @speakervos, @senfitzgerald Republican Party of Wisconsin not happy with getting slapped down by judge re: #lameduckcoup.

And did GOD send Trump to save Israel? Pompeo suggests so.

All that and MORE, plus your calls/texts at 844-967-2789!