Today on the Earl Ingram Show a real discussion about what happens to most prisoners who are released. All over the nation,early release of prisoners is becoming a reality. Soon Wisconsin one of the most notorious of prison injustice will be opening their doors and releasing many back into their communities. Have they received the training necessary to prepare them to be successful in their release ? We will delve into it,unlike it’s been discussed in the past. I will be joined by Rev. Willie Brisco former director of the House of Correction,along with Robert Agnew Jr. of CLOSE msdf others will include Baren Walker a young man who spent half of his life incarcerated, over 22yrs in state lockup. Last but not least Sterling Daniels my life long friend of over 50yrs who spent 26yrs in federal lockup. The purpose of the discussion ? to see if all are being set up for failure through lack of planing by the DOC.